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01. Professional

We provide a professional approach in our business practices. Our team are always working to finding better ways to enhance your the workflow of your business. Privacy being paramount in supporting your business.

02. honest

With more than 15yrs in the bookkeeping industry, honesty and integrity are foremost in our relationship with clients. The trust placed on us is paramount to a great working relationship

 03. friendly

We don’t bite. We understand the highs and lows of being in business and provide genuine support to our clients. Some may suggest it is like someone having your back.

Jenny Eaton-Perkins

Owner Principal, BAS Agent & Bookkeeper with 20 years experience. A good knowledge of tech and a head for figures and solving problems.

Susan Pulis

BAS Agent & Bookkeeper with experience in Bookkeeping and banking. Good knowledge of compliance and data workflows.

Heather Ellery

Bookkeeper/administration Support  with previous experience in admin and banking. Good knowledge of tech and data workflows.

The Back Story

I started bookkeeping for our family business before GST evolved. I always had a passion for bookkeeping and technology so I had taken on the challenge and discovered that bookkeeping was my thing. I was employed as a bookkeeper for a local firm until an opportunity presented itself to work in my own business. Along my journey my father had developed my business name ‘Office in a Box Bookkeeping’ and some quirky marketing ideas but that was him to a ‘T’. I have been very fortunate to have wonderful clients and a great team. We are pleased to be able to offer that support that helps business grow and survive the challenges our current financial environment .

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Jenny Eaton